Graduate Testimonials Old

Josh S., Acumed

Medical Sales College is worth every penny and more. Not only did I receive invaluable training and knowledge that has put (me) steps ahead of the competition, but their dedicated staff helped me to land in my dream career. Furthermore, the instruction and tutelage does not stop when you leave the school. I can call Medical Sales College today and any one of the instructors would lend their expertise and knowledge to help a former graduate because they want you to succeed. That is priceless!



Nicole T., Exactech

Medical Sales College provided me more than just a basic understanding of the industry. After completion of the 8-week course, I had product knowledge, selling strategies, and the confidence to communicate effectively with surgeons. This program changed my life by enabling me to succeed in an industry that had previously been difficult to break into. I have been working for a while now, and the entire staff continues to provide support and encouragement. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who is serious and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to succeed in the medical device world.



Brett C., DePuy

If you are looking to break into medical sales, and have no prior experience in the industry, Medical Sales College is without a doubt the way to go. There is such a huge learning curve in medical sales, which is why employers are hesitant to hire people without any experience. The training by the staff at MSC and the tools they provide will give you a HUGE competitive edge over other job seekers. I am proud to say that I was hired on by DePuy, one of the best and largest orthopaedic companies in the world, a week after graduating. Not only that, I was hired into an award-winning distributorship and given my own territory. After just 18 months in the field on my own, I am close to a producing a million dollar territory that previously did not have any representation. I thank MSC for giving me the opportunity to have what I feel is the greatest job in the world.



Tom P., Stryker

I recently graduated from the Medical Sales College. The education I received was top notch. They gave me the confidence and the skill set which will allow me to be successful as I begin my medical device sales rep position with Stryker! I thank the Medical Sales College for helping me break into this exciting industry! James H., Wright Medical MSC was the best decision that I ever made. The training that I got there gave me a huge competitive advantage coming out of the classroom into the field. I was a rookie rep with the confidence and knowledge of a two year rep. Since graduating, I have been working (with) Wright Medical for 15 months. During that time I took a territory basically doing $10K per month in business and expanded it to $70K per month selling only foot and ankle products. Currently, in my distributorship, I am the only rep running over 100% to quota. Thanks again for giving me a new start to a successful career.



Max K., DePuy

The Academy course was rigorous and filled with lots of hands-on training. Not a day passed by where I did not feel overwhelmed by the intensity and nature of the course. But with the difficulty came the reward. By the end of the course, I felt extremely confident about my abilities, and was able to obtain a sales position with DePuy Orthopaedics in under 3 weeks of graduating. Since then, I have been able to speak with surgeons, representatives, and other healthcare employees about orthopaedic surgery in a way that I would never have before deemed possible. And while there is still a plethora of topics, surgical techniques, and medical instruments to learn about, I have been able to effectively shorten the learning curve of this difficult career by the time and effort I put into the training I received at MSC.



Amy W., Smith & Nephew

I am writing to thank Medical Sales College for my success in the medical device field. I work for Smith & Nephew orthopedics and use what I learned from the school everyday. I wouldn’t even be half as successfulif I hadn’t attended. I say if you want to break into the medical device industry you should absolutely start the Medical Sales College and GO! You will never regret your decision. You will study your ass off, you will be stressed, you will be happy, you will lose sleep but you will graduate with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and hopefully a job. It is the best decision I ever made!



Tom C., Ohio Valley Surgical, Inc.

I highly recommend attending the Medical Sales College. If you have experienced the difficulties breaking into this industry due to not having the medical background, then this is the place for you. I would not have been able to get the interviews and obtain a position without it.



Jordan W., DePuy

MSC not only prepared me to land a career with one of the top spine companies in the world, but supplied me with a solid foundation to hit the ground running right away. The Spine program helped accelerate my learning curve, and get to my very own territory quicker. It was a great experience and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to break into the industry.



Joel S., DePuy

I am writing this letter to let others know about my experience at Medical Sales College (MSC). I was looking for options getting into medical device sales and found MSC as one of my top choices. It was a difficult decision with a huge commitment of time, money, and sacrifice on my part. The potential of getting into the industry held huge promise and a phenomenal upside. MSC and its instructors gave me the foundation needed to be successful in the medical device industry. I can say without any reservation that I would not be where I am today without the instruction, guidance, and direction that I received from MSC.



Tim G., Kentucky Surgical LLC

I attended Medical Sales College in February/March of 2011 based on the referral of a previous graduate. This school was definitely above and beyond my highest expectations. The hiring managers I interviewed with couldn’t believe the knowledge I attained in just eight weeks. I truly felt the passion each and every day that came from my instructors. I believe this institution is making great changes this industry daily. Nonetheless I am extremely happy with my new career and thank MSC for all the wonderful knowledge I gained.



John B., Biomet

With out a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made! This 8-week program changed my LIFE! Not only did I land a great job, I made some new relationships that will last a lifetime! I’m so thankful for the entire staff at the Medical Sales College!!



Joe M., Zimmer

I tried to get a job in medical device sales for close to two years before I found the Medical Sales College. I had plenty of sales experience but no prior medical sales experience. I could not get an interview with anybody. After completing my 10-week program with MSC, I was interviewing with two medical device companies and landed a job with Zimmer. I won’t lie, the interview process was very tough, but had it not been for the MSC training on my resume, I would of never been in considered. Once I started working I was more knowledgeable and quicker to adapt to the environment than other new hires. I still refer to things I learned at MSC to this day.



J.D. C., Bacterin International, Inc.

There is no question that the medical device industry is one of the toughest to break into. After trying for nearly two years I decided to attend Medical Sales College. I can say with complete honesty that the experience was well worth the investment. The two-month education process was challenging, but extremely rewarding. Lectures are delivered with passion and the classroom environment is always engaging. Upon graduating from the Spine Program I had several interviews with several great companies that I never would have been able to meet with had I not attended the Medical Sales College. If you are passionate about working in this industry you should not hesitate to apply. My experience was nothing short of incredible.



James M., Acumed

Before I went to MSC, I had strong B2B sales experience but I lacked the knowledge and experience needed to make my way into the medical device industry. MSC helped me bridge the gap! I’ve been working in the industry for almost two years now. Going to MSC was the best choice I could have made for my career! Thanks to the whole team!



Brian B., Imaging One

MSC offers fantastic course work and the guidance necessary to break into the challenging field of medical device sales. I interviewed with three different companies and now have a position in this industry. These opportunities took place because of the Medical Sales College. I highly recommend this program.



Amy W., Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for Medical Sales College. As a flight attendant with no sales experience, MSC not only taught me invaluable sales experience but it also gave me the confidence to know that I will be successful in this industry. The standard of excellence that is modeled at every level of MSC inspires me to be excellent! I honestly think the monetary expense and time away from home is a small price to pay for what I learned. Thank you MSC for this life-changing experience. I would recommend and have recommended this program to any one who wants to enter into this field.



Lille T., Implantechs

From the moment I called the Medical Sales College I knew that I had found the right place for me to bring together all of my education and experience into an incredibly exciting field. The curriculum at MSC is very demanding and dynamic – exactly what I expected from my investment. I feel confident in my ability to not only learn the technical aspects of any medical device area but, more importantly, I gained the confidence to succeed in choosing this as a new career direction for me. The staff at MSC demands the best of their students, which fosters their vision to improve medical sales globally with a trained and credentialed sales force. I am proud to have been part of a wonderful opportunity at MSC.



Justin M., NJ Surgical Solutions

I would like to thank everyone at MSC and EliteMed for my wonderful experience. The medical device industry is very competitive, and nearly impossible to break into without proper training. MSC gave me that training, and made it possible for me to pursue my dream job. Mark and the rest of the instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with their students. Mark is not only an instructor. He is a mentor who will always have his door open for anything a student needs. The team at EliteMed cares about the quality of their candidates. They coached me on how to master an interview and always “get the job!” I walked into my interview with the utmost confidence. It was soon clear to my future employer that I was more prepared than other candidates interviewing for the position. I owe that to my recruiter, Angie, and the whole staff at EliteMed. Anyone considering a career in medical device sales should enroll at the Medical Sales College.



Nikki C., Bacterin International, Inc.

The Medical Sales College and the fantastic team at EliteMed provided me with the training and support I needed to land my first medical device sales position – top-notch sales training combined with medical and procedural training to back it up. Be prepared to work just as hard as you will in the field. I highly recommend this program!