EliteMed offers a full range of recruiting services designed to accommodate your needs. Whether you are looking for a competitive representative to drive business now, or looking for an experienced selling professional to bring energy to your team, we have the process to make it all happen. Our extensive experience along with our proven model makes EliteMed your go to source.

At EliteMed we believe experience counts. When you are hiring someone to sell into the operating room, mistakes cannot afford to be made. We believe in only presenting two kinds of candidates.

Experienced Representatives

Candidates who have direct medical device sales experience. We define this as someone who is familiar with surgical procedures, the surgical implants used, is able to cover cases, and understands OR protocols and procedures. There is a fee for this service.

Trained Sales Professionals

Candidates who have been specifically trained to be successful in this industry. EliteMed has teamed up with Medical Sales College (MSC). MSC specializes in orthopaedic sales training and provides sales professionals looking to transition into medical device sales the necessary tools to be successful in this industry. To learn more about their program visit www.medicalsalescollege.com.

After successfully completing training, these individuals understand the proper protocols and procedures of the operating room, they are familiar with surgical procedures, and they are comfortable and confident when talking to medical professionals. There is NO FEE to hire a trained representative from the Medical Sales College.

When working with EliteMed you will discuss your needs with one of our Senior Regional Recruiters. You can choose to either hire an existing competitive representative, or hire a trained representative through the Medical Sales College (MSC).

Hire an Experienced Representative

If you choose to hire an experienced representative, EliteMed will find candidates who are either currently in the industry and not bound by a non-compete agreement, or those who have previously been in the industry. This is a fee-based service.

01 - Source The Job

Our team identifies open positions through:

  • Outside Regional Sales Recruiters
  • Executive Management Team
  • Website / Organic Leads

02 - Determine Needs

We seek to determine your exact requirements based on:

  • Territory Needs and Role of Rep
  • Orthopaedic Specialization
  • Hiring Preferences

03 - Post the Position

We list the position on:

  • CareerBuilder
  • MedReps
  • EliteMed’s Job Board
  • Gorilla Medical Sales

04 - Receive & Review Resumes

We receive 20K-30K resumes each month from our job postings.

We also have custom database of resumes which includes:

  • Pool of candidates for current and future opportunities
  • Over 180,000 contacts
  • Ability to search or “mine” resumes based on specific criteria

05 - Initial Contact & Phone Interview

Our team begins the process of screening candidates:

  • Qualifies candidates based on resume, presentation, preparedness, and interest
  • Select candidates are scheduled for follow-up phone interviews

Phone Interview:

  • Our team of Senior Regional Recruiters conducts 15-20 minute phone interviews
  • Identifies top talent to present to you

06 – Present Candidates

After screening candidates through phone interviews, we will forward you resumes of the candidates we feel would be an asset to your organization for you to review.

Hire a Trained Representative through MSC

Our pool of trained representative at the Medical Sales College is available to you. The training they receive uniquely prepares them to enter the industry and begin making an impact immediately. There is no charge for this service, it is part of our ZeroFee recruiting model.

01 - Source The Job

Our team identifies open positions through:

  • Outside Regional Sales Recruiters
  • Executive Management Team
  • Website / Organic Leads

02 - Determine Needs

We seek to determine your exact requirements based on:

  • Territory Needs and Role of Rep
  • Orthopaedic Specialization
  • Hiring Preferences

03 – Review MSC Graduates

We will review our pool of trained graduated from MSC. We will examine their grades, how well they preformed during their role-play scenarios, how they interacted with other students and more. These factors determine a graduates PETSI score.

P – People Skills

E – Effort

T – Technical Skills

S – Selling Skills

I – Intangibles

04 – Conduct Phone Interview

We work very closely with graduates of the Medical Sales College and are in constant contact with them. If we feel they would be a good fit for your organization we will talk with them one-on-one.

05 – Present Candidate

If after our one-on-one conversation, we still feel this candidate would be an asset to your team, we will send you their resume for your review.


So Now What?

You’ve been presented with several candidates, and may have identified your next hire. Here are the next steps…

Distributor / Hiring Manager Process:


Hire Immediately

You’ve identified your next rep and are eager to bring them “on board”

  • Medical Sales College Graduate – If you select an MSC graduate to join your team, there is NO COST to you
  • Experienced or Competitive Rep – If your candidate is an experienced medical device rep, the cost of our recruitment services is $4,000.
Hire a Candidate to be Trained

In some rare circumstances, we may present a strong candidate that is not as experienced. On other occasions, we have had hiring managers who have identified a great, but inexperienced, rep through some other avenue. In both cases, these candidates are new to the industry and would likely benefit from additional training before going into the field. The process in this case would be:

  • Provide a “Letter of Intent to Hire” to the candidate
  • The Medical Sales College will invite your candidate to the next appropriate class
  • Based upon successful completion of the program, your new hire will be ready to step into their new territory in a short time
  • NO COST associated with EliteMed’s recruitment services
Do Nothing

Our recruitment services are offered strictly on a contingent basis. If we were not successful in helping you to identify a candidate you’re interested in bringing on to your team:

  • We can fine-tune and repeat the process
  • We can end the process
  • NO COST associated with recruitment services


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